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BIS Cosgrove Accountants Gold Coast & Brisbane

SMSF For Accountants And Advisors

You focus on your client relationships and pass the rest on to us!

Marked by evolving licensing regulations, rapid pace of superannuation legislation changes, heightened ATO reporting requirements and maintaining compliance and administration, Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) offerings are growing increasingly challenging and costly for accountants and advisers.

The burden of additional staff training, procuring and maintaining SMSF software, as well as sourcing the necessary resources to handle clients’ SMSF administration, often renders this area of accounting and financial planning both time-consuming and financially unviable.

The BIS Super team recognise these challenges, which is why our specialist advisers not only offer advice to SMSF trustees, but now also offer an array of SMSF solutions to accountants and advisers. We specialise in preparation of the annual financial statements and compliance documents, assist with ongoing administration, help facilitate audits, offer strategic advice, investment advice, insurance advice and estate planning. We’ve designed our fully tailored suite of services to cater to all areas of SMSF management, providing accountants and advisers a seamless, all-inclusive solution to the increasing demand for SMSF services.

We believe in transparency and ease. Our upfront pricing model provides you with the certainty of knowing exactly what the end cost to your client will be. Moreover, we understand the importance of maintaining your unique branding and client relationships. All documentation is designed to be white-labelled, allowing you to fully customise your client reports to align with your brand identity. You manage your relationship with your client and pass the rest on to us.

With BIS Super, you retain control over your client relationships while entrusting the complexities of SMSF to us. Our expert team ensure that the compliance journey is smooth and efficient. Our specialist advisers remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving industry, so that you are armed with the expertise you need to navigate the changing SMSF landscape.

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