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BIS Cosgrove Accountants Gold Coast & Brisbane

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Whether you’re searching for guidance with individual tax management, business advice, strategic financial planning, or superannuation, our team of accountants and advisers are committed to providing high-quality advice tailored to your unique circumstances.


When it comes to achieving your financial goals, the first step to success is having a plan. And to be truly successful, every plan needs to be not just implemented, but supported and sustained.

Lucky for you, planning is what we do! Our team of accountants and advisers across the Gold Coast and Brisbane are here to understand what keeps you awake at night, with the goal to assist you in solving your financial problems or improve on your existing scenario.

Whether you’re looking for individual tax advice, running a business, wanting to better manage your cash flow, building your wealth or planning for retirement, our team focuses on the things we can control, while working with you to define your goals and providing you with the tools to achieve them.

With over 25 years of experience across all facets of tax, accounting and financial planning, our team will ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge, understanding and support that you need to build and sustain a successful financial future.

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Financial success tomorrow starts with the right advice today. Speak to a professional and take control of your financial future.

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