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Estate Planning

Leave a legacy that lasts, long after you’re gone

Estate planning is more than just a will, it is a specialised process designed to help preserve the wealth you have built over your lifetime, but also to ensure its seamless distribution in accordance with your wishes. It stands as a testament to your thoughtful consideration for the legacy you leave behind, safeguarding the financial well-being of your loved ones even after you’re no longer there to provide guidance.

A comprehensive estate plan encompasses an array of areas that encapsulate the extent of your finances. It considers your superannuation, powers of attorney, and any assets you hold, whether solely in your name, jointly with others, or within private companies and trusts.

Regardless of the extent of your possessions or the scope of your responsibilities, if you own any assets or have loved ones who depend on you, having an estate plan is not just ideal — it is essential. The more complicated your personal and financial affairs, the more important it is that you have such a plan in place that reflects your wishes for after you are gone.

Life's chapters are marked by milestones

Life is riddled with achievements, events and unexpected changes at every twist and turn. To ensure that your estate plan remains relevant to your circumstances and in line with your wishes, regular reviews are essential. Every three years, or whenever significant life changes transpire, your estate plan should be revisited.

This includes:

  • Getting married, living with a partner, separating or getting divorced,
  • When you have children or step-children,
  • Buying real estate or other valuable assets,
  • Buying, selling or operating a business,
  • If you have superannuation (super is not covered by your will),
  • If you have family members with special needs or children who are vulnerable,
  • If you set up a family trust or company,
  • If you are unable to make decisions, financial or otherwise, on your own behalf.

One crucial aspect of estate planning that often eludes our clients is superannuation. Contrary to popular belief, your superannuation doesn’t fall under the umbrella of your will. Understanding the complexities of superannuation and where it falls in your estate plan is pivotal to ensuring your wishes are met and your loved ones are protected after you pass. Our expert advisers are well-versed in all areas of superannuation, no matter if you’ve always operated through an industry fund, or you have an SMSF.

At BIS Cosgrove, our job is to guide you through the complexities of estate planning, ensuring that you are equipped with the right advice and documentation to facilitate a seamless transition of your assets. With a firm grasp of tax-effective strategies, we navigate the intricacies of asset transfer, minimising financial burdens while optimising the impact of your legacy. We work closely with a team of experienced lawyers to help you further facilitate your estate plan and ensure it is legally binding, to protect your wishes and the wellbeing of your loved ones.

Preserve the legacy you leave

Estate planning goes further than just writing your will; it’s a journey that ensures that the legacy you leave aligns with your values and intentions and reflects the impact of your life. When you curate a comprehensive estate plan, you allow your achievements to continue to prosper and provide for your loved ones, even after you are gone. At BIS Cosgrove, we partner with you to establish a comprehensive estate plan that echoes your wishes and safeguards the ones you leave behind.

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