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Are you guilty of ignoring your superannuation account?

Do you have any idea where your hard-earned superannuation contributions are invested? What fees you are paying? Whether you are making the most of contributions being made on your behalf? If your money is being held in a tax-optimised environment? Our dedicated team of superannuation specialists is here to guide you through this often-overlooked aspect of financial planning.

At BIS Cosgrove, our Gold Coast and Brisbane accountants and advisers are experts in Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF), but we realise that not everybody wants to run their own fund, and we get it! But that doesn’t mean that you can afford to ignore what is ultimately going to provide for you in retirement.

In a world where the pace of life seems to never slow down, it can be easy to let your superannuation take a back seat. Before finding us, many of our clients were unaware of the details surrounding their super accounts, due to a lack of education and uncertainty about what their super could truly deliver for them in the long-term.

We understand that there’s a disconnect that exists between individuals and their superannuation, but we’re committed to bridging that gap through financial literacy, education and tailored, strategic advice. Most peoples’ disinterest in their superannuation comes from a lack of understanding or a lack of faith in what their super can do for them.

As experts in our field, we know that superannuation is about more than just having the biggest nest egg when it comes time to retire. It’s about having a sustainable and personalised strategy that suits your needs, goals and lifestyle.

What We Do

As part of our comprehensive financial planning process, our team will conduct a thorough review of your existing superannuation situation, as well as assessing what’s important to you.

Our aim is to ensure that you’re maximising the potential of your investments, utilising the most optimal strategic approach and exploring suitable insurance options that align with your retirement goals.

We understand that managing multiple superannuation accounts can lead to unnecessary fees and paperwork. That’s why we offer the convenience of locating and consolidating your various super accounts, exploring tax opportunities and minimising your fees—ultimately putting more of your hard-earned money back where it belongs: in your superfund.

Did you know that there is currently an astonishing $16 billion in lost and unclaimed super across Australia? That’s right, BILLION! At BIS Cosgrove, we want to help you reclaim what is rightfully yours. Our expert can help you to recoup lost and dormant funds.

When you work with our team of superannuation experts at BIS Cosgrove, you take the first step towards gaining control over your retirement. We handle the complexities, clarify the uncertainties, so you feel empowered you to make well-informed decisions about your superannuation.

Contact us today and find out why your superannuation account is so much more than just a passive collection of contributions—it’s an avenue to a strong and secure financial future.

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