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Financial Planning & Advice

Our Financial Planners Take a Strategic Approach

We focus on the things that we can control, while working with you to define your goals and providing you with the tools to achieve them

Led by our team of seasoned financial planners and advisers whose dynamic approach to financial planning breathes life into mundane concepts, BIS Cosgrove is a beacon of financial expertise. We take a life-first approach to financial planning. Our strategic advice extends beyond just your financial goals, encompassing your personal aspirations, circumstances, life-stage and unique challenges. We believe that financial planning is about more than just investment strategy, it’s about planning for the life you want to live.

For over 25 years our expert team across the Gold Coast and Brisbane have been providing our clients with comprehensive, tailored solutions to their financial complexities. With the benefit of our own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL), we operate on a fee-for-service approach, maintaining the integrity of our advice and supporting unbiased financial solutions.

Our Financial Planning Services

Look no further! Our team of experienced financial advisors across the Gold Coast and Brisbane pride ourselves on our wealth of knowledge and experience. BIS Cosgrove are here to help you achieve your financial goals!

We want to know what keeps you up at night

Your financial planning journey with us starts with our complimentary Discovery Meeting. An obligation-free consultation with the sole purpose of simply unearthing what keeps you awake at night. We are committed to understanding our clients’ deepest concerns, and working together to curate strategic financial solutions that tackle their problems.

Our ongoing role is to keep you in your seat, maintaining the perspective and discipline that you need to give you the best chance of success. Our tailored approach is supported by an astute understanding that each client’s path is different and requires unique advice with a personalised touch.

At BIS Cosgrove, we operate on an evidence-based approach to financial advice. This is not an approach based in guesswork or hunches, but grounded in years of knowledge, experience, research and long-term observation of the strategies that withstands the ebbs and flows of the market and economic turbulence.

We are committed to simplifying the complex

Financial literacy and education are at the forefront of our values as a financial services firm, where an informed decision means an effective one. Our goal is to make our clients feel knowledgeable, confident and empowered in their investment decisions, and equipped with the resilience to trust their strategic plan in the face of turbulent market movements.

We believe that strategic financial planning is a journey, not a destination. It is not a set-and-forget, or a one-size-fits-all. An effective financial plan evolves with you, remains relevant to your financial goals and reflects changes in your personal circumstances and life-stages. Which is why we employ consistent client check-ins and reviews, to assess your current plan and ensure it is still working for you.

In a world suffocated by financial noise, our approach is a breath of fresh air. Our blend of extensive knowledge and experience, coupled with a personalised and life-first approach to financial solutions distinguishes us as more than just financial advisers; we are your partners in the pursuit of a life well-lived.

At BIS Cosgrove, Life. Wealth. Advice. isn’t just a tagline; it’s the beating heart that propels us to redefine the standards of financial advice, one client at a time.

Our authorised Financial Planning Gold Coast Team representatives under the BIS licence are:

Renee Gamble
Authorised Representative Number 244846

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Justin Doyle
Authorised Representative Number 295767

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Darin Trounce
Authorised Representative Number 1236910

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