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The Evidence-Based Investor

An E-Guide to Effective Investing

From the backyard barbecue to the corporate boardroom, you don’t have to look far for a theory on how to make (or lose) a buck. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has their ideas when it comes to the best way to invest. But with all of this information being thrown around, it can be difficult to decide on a factual and effective investment strategy.

The Evidence-Based Investor takes the time to analyse the fundamentals of investment markets and how they work, identify what goes into building an effective portfolio and discover what the amin drivers of returns actually are.

This is not an approach based on guesswork, gut feelings or hunches, or the idea that any one person has some magic formula for seeing into the future. This approach is grounded in empirical research and long-term observation of the investment market.

This E-Guide covers a range of topics, including:

  • The evidence behind effective investing
  • Why the market is so hard to beat consistently
  • Multiple case studies around market performance
  • Risks and rates of asset classes
  • Factors that drive returns
  • Growing and protecting your wealth
  • Steps to choosing an investment strategy
  • Maintaining discipline with your investments and much more!

If you’re using an evidence-based investment approach, you have the best foundation for a positive investment experience.


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