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SMSF For Trustees

We Can Be Your SUPER Heroes

Whether you’re after strategic advice, assistance in ongoing management, tax and accounting strategies or even establishing a new Self Managed Super Fund, our experienced team of SMSF specialists, accountants and advisers are here to help.

SMSF Setup

Have you always wanted to take control of your superannuation?

Would you like to have the choice as to where your super is invested?

 Would you like the flexibility to change your investments or your strategy as and when your circumstances change?

 Are you aware of the tax advantages that can be available to you within super?

If you are seeking choice, flexibility, control and transparency, establishing your own SMSF may be the answer for you. Take control of your investments and experience the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your money is going.

Before you take the step to establish your own SMSF, it’s important that you understand your role and responsibilities as a trustee.  Managing your own SMSF takes time, commitment and expertise. Our team of specialist SMSF advisers will help assess if an SMSF is the right option for you!

What We Do

SMSF Advice

We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled SMSF advice to our clients, ensuring that you are maximising the full spectrum of benefits that running your own SMSF has to offer. Even the most informed and educated of trustees may not be aware of some of the strategic opportunities available to them that may still hold untapped potential.

Whether your sights are set on optimising your tax liability, purchasing property through your SMSF, maximising your investment portfolio for retirement, equalising superannuation balances between spouses, or providing estate planning and asset protection options, our expert SMSF advisers are adept at not only assessing but enhancing your existing strategy.

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SMSF Administration

We understand that whilst you want the control and flexibility of running your own SMSF, you don’t want to be bogged down with paperwork and the compliance requirements that come with being a trustee. We get it! Which is why as part of our Administration service, we have an annual trustee meeting, where we review, revise and refine your SMSF strategy.

We assess any changes in your circumstances, make sure that your needs are still being met, and handle all the rest! We provide expert administration, access to your Funds up-to-date financial information and end of year financial reporting, tax reporting, trustee minutes and the annual audit.

We operate on an upfront, fixed-fee structure, so you have the certainty of knowing exactly what your SMSF will be paying, with no nasty surprises. You can also enjoy the flexibility of paying on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Our fees are not determined by the size of your Fund, or the number of investments the fund holds.

SMSF Property

If your goal is to purchase property using money from your superannuation, a  Self Managed Super Fund could be the option for you. But borrowing using your SMSF is a complex strategy, so you need to make sure you’re getting the right advice! With 20 years of experience, you can be confident that you will be getting the right advice from our team of expert SMSF specialists.

Speak to one of our specialist SMSF advisers to find out how we can help your fund grow and flourish.

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