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Why it’s important to include your spouse during the financial planning process

Statistically speaking, for many married couples it is the husband that assumes responsibility for the couple’s finances, even though the wife is likely to outlive the husband by 5-10 years. While this is a changing attitude, it brings to light some concerns which should be addressed immediately.

When planning for your financial future, we encourage both parties of the relationship to be involved in the process. This ensures that everyone is on the same page in terms of goals and what they picture their retirement looking like. It also ensures that if for some reason one of the parties is no longer in the picture, whether that be through death, divorce or other reasons, the other is not left unaware of plans.

Financial planning is essentially life planning. How you prepare now will determine what the rest of your life will look like together. It would be unwise for huge decisions like these to be made by only one person.

If you don’t have your financial affairs in order already, we recommend you speak to one of our Gold Coast based certified financial planners today so they can help you to achieve your financial future.

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Why you should include your spouse when financial planning