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BIS Cosgrove Accountants Gold Coast & Brisbane

Why do you need a Financial Planner?

A financial planner is not just for the wealthy, almost anyone can benefit from having a personal financial planner who will help them to navigate their financial goals. Financial goals encompass the lifestyle you would like to achieve in your future and strategies to grow your nest egg and retirement savings.

A financial planner is especially valuable if you are experiencing change in your life: growing your family, starting a business, making a big purchase, changing careers or managing inheritance. These are all examples of a serious financial change which can come with many risks and uncertainties. A financial planner has the qualifications and experience to help you deal with this change and come out of it on top.

At your first meeting with one of our certified financial planners, we will talk to you about what your financial goals are. Based off of this first consultation, we will develop a draft plan which we believe will give you the best chance of achieving your goals. Once you approve this draft plan, we will begin working together to develop and implement the strategies outlined.

Financial planning is not a quick fix solution. We will continue to work with you and monitor your situation, adapting it as the financial climate changes. These regular reviews are crucial for making sure your strategies and goals remain on track.