Temporary Early Access To Super

Are you experiencing financial hardship and need assistance with accessing your superannuation early? We are here to help.


Accessing Your Super Early

The Australian Government is assisting eligible Australians who are adversely financially impacted by the coronavirus, by temporarily allowing one-off early access to their superannuation account (TEAS).

At BIS Cosgrove we are experts in all things superannuation.

We understand that most people will need advice in navigating their way through the TEAS process. Whether you require general or more comprehensive assistance, our advice can be scaled to suit your individual needs.

Advice Offering

This advice starts with the basic offering, at a cost of $330 (inc. GST) and involves:
  • Confirming that you meet the TEAS eligibility criteria.
  • Summarising all of your super funds (and may also locate some lost super) and providing basic advice.
  • Assisting with providing all relevant information to facilitate the completion of your application via MyGov.

We are also able to offer comprehensive advice, which not only includes the above, but also involves a complimentary discovery meeting, either in person or via teleconferencing.

During this meeting, we will take a look into your super and insurances in more detail and possible long term ramifications of early access. We will also review your personal circumstances in greater depth.

Applications for Early Access to Super (TEAS) opened Monday 20th April 2020.

Take advantage of our specialist Superannuation expertise!

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