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To achieve your financial goals, having a plan is paramount. However, any plan needs to be supported and implemented for it to work. Having the correct structures in place for your circumstances, to support your plan, makes your goals achievable and assists in managing your tax.

For personalised advice on how you could better manage your tax, contact our Director and accountant on the Gold Coast Renee Gamble, to arrange an interview. Try our Financial Tools to see how your budget and cash flow are going.


Accountant fees are generally fixed for each service provided to provide our clients with certainty as to the amount they will be paying. Your fee may be reviewed on an annual basis and where possible we encourage monthly or quarterly instalments to aid in smoothing your cash flow.

Our payment terms for fees are generally at the time of lodgement for tax returns or within 14 days of an invoice date. However, we can structure a payment plan that will better suit your cash flow upon request.


As the holder of a Tax Agents Licence, our services cover most areas of personal taxation, trusts and companies, and incorporates, and includes both compliance and planning. We give tailored, clear and practical tax advice which is periodically reviewed to ensure it remains appropriate to your needs and effective in light of ever changing tax laws.

Our tax accountants on the Gold Coast provide Accounting, Taxation and management services to Individuals, Trusts, Executors and Trustees of Deceased Estates, Superannuation Funds and Companies and other compliance services as required.

Capital Gains Overview

For a simple overview on capital gains, with some great links to more detailed information click here.

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