2019 Trends in Life, TPD and IP Insurance Claims Data

In case you missed it, the KPMG (on behalf of the Financial Services Council [FSC]) has released insurance claims data for 2019. This data takes a look at the primary causes of claims for Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance and Income Protection (IP), the split across gender, and the proportion of claims [...]

Sustainability Trusts In Investment Portfolios

As human beings, we have become increasingly more aware of the impact business practices can have on the environment and, in turn, what this may mean for future generations. At BIS Cosgrove we have seen an increase in client enquiries around how best to reconcile their views on sustainability with their investment goals. In the [...]

Where BIS sees itself after the Banking Royal Commission

The Royal Commission(RC) put out into the Public arena what we in the industry have been aware of for a long time. That the big banks and insurance companies had been having a field day from; -"earning" fees from accounts they didn't service or were dormant providing conflicted advice because the "advice" was always to [...]

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