Goodbye JobKeeper 1.0, Hello JobKeeper 2.0

JobKeeper 1.0 has come to an end, so what are the next steps for your businesses? The first tranche of JobKeeper ended on 27 September 2020. If your business is no longer eligible for JobKeeper payments, here is what you must do now: Advise your employees and business participant. For employees receiving JobKeeper from your [...]


JobKeeper and JobSeeker 2.0

JobKeeper 2.0 The Australian Government is extending the JobKeeper payment scheme until March 28, 2021 at a reduced rate. The second tranche of the JobKeeper scheme is for businesses that continue to be significantly impacted by coronavirus. JobKeeper 2.0 sees changes to the eligibility test for employers. If your business currently receives JobKeeper, your arrangements [...]

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