Financial Advisor Gold Coast

How We Work

It is important to establish early that the client and financial advisor Gold Coast are satisfied they will be able to work together over the long term.  We will present information on all the services we provide and how they are provided, and highlight the fact that both parties will have obligations to fulfil.

Most importantly, it is essential that clear lines of communication are maintained between both parties, the client and the financial advisor or accountant.



Accounting fees are generally fixed to provide our clients with certainty as to the amount they will be paying. Your fee may be reviewed on an annual basis and where possible we encourage monthly or quarterly instalments to aid in smoothing your cash flow.

Financial Planning

All financial planning and investment advice given by our financial advisors is provided on a fee-for-service basis. This means that we will invoice you for our services at the time they are provided.  We do not work for commissions and, as we have our own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL), we are not influenced by any investment providers and we have no commercial links to other institutions.

Payment Terms

Our payment terms for fees are generally at the time of lodgement for tax returns, or within 14 days of an invoice date. However, we can structure a payment plan that will better suit your cash flow upon request. We are conveniently located in Palm Beach, on the southern end of the Gold Coast.