If you have a good grasp of basic budgeting and financial concepts, you may think that you don’t need a financial planner, or that you just wouldn’t benefit much from one. However, this is a huge misconception that prevents plenty of people from using a resource that can help you save and make more money – often significantly more than you would make on your own. Financial planners also serve in an advisory role, and are someone that you can come to with questions or for help making a big financial decision. Having a financial planner by your side is a great way to increase your confidence in your money, and to reduce your stress as well.


A financial planner can end up saving you more money than they cost.

What does a financial planner do?

A major service that financial planners offer is retirement planning. No matter how young you are, you can benefit from having a retirement plan in place, including a will, estate plan and potentially even a self managed super fund. A good financial planner can help you choose the best one for you, help you invest the money wisely, and ensure that you continue to contribute an adequate amount to the account. This is extremely important if you have a self-managed super fund. Although you are completely in control of the account, it can be very beneficial to have someone to advise you on which investments you make. Financial planners also are involved in estate planning, which is very helpful for making sure that your assets will stay in your family.


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