We believe it is our responsibility to provide highly ethical, independent and professional advice that significantly benefits our client’s long-term situation.  We focus on providing the right advice for each and every client as well as assisting in the implementation of our recommendations.

We understand that our client’s requirements may range from an individual tax return to an intricate financial plan.  We, therefore, provide customised service offerings for our clients whilst ensuring their needs are met in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We take a holistic approach that brings together important areas such as your tax and business structures, cash flow, loans, insurances, estate plan, & your investment preferences to develop a strategic plan that you understand and can take ownership of.

Primarily, your trusted financial planner Gold Coast will identify what is important to you and then help you ‘make smart decisions’ about how to achieve your objectives.


Financial Planner? Accountant? SMSF Specialist? Everything is in the one place at BIS Cosgrove on the Gold Coast!