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The Corporations Act legislates that financial planning firms must hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) or be an authorisaed representative of an AFSL holder. Balanced Investment Strategies (BIS), owned by the directors of Cosgrove & Co, holds its own AFSL.   See our Financial Services Guide for further information on how we provide financial services.

All the advice we provide is on a ‘fee for service‘ basis with prices quoted before you give us the go ahead to do any work.

Personal financial advice is financial product advice where the provider of the advice takes into consideration a person’s objectives, financial situation and needs.

The advice we provide is not influenced by any investment providers and we have no commercial links to other institutions.

To arrange an appointment at our Gold Coast office simply complete our contact form and try our financial tools to get an overview of your current financial picture.

Our Philosophy

We believe the key to assisting you in achieving financial success is to firstly employ the strategy and structure that will most effectively deliver on your goals and objectives.

Where appropriate, we then look at compatible investment options.  Generally a long term diversified approach to investing is the most efficient and cost effective method for delivering the return you deserve.  Balance and simplicity help to smooth returns, reduce transaction costs and ultimately leads to peace of mind.

Advising Process

Our first meeting with you is more of a fact finding mission to assess your needs and to find out how we may be able to help you. This meeting is free of charge and we will not start any work unless you are happy for us to do so.

Next we produce a draft strategy at a macro level and give you a quote for us to develop and implement the strategy. We will only proceed with a detailed plan after we have received your signoff.

Our final recommendations, set out in a Statement of Advice, will be delivered to you in a comprehensive presentation.  When we receive your authority to proceed, we will prepare the required documentation and facilitate the implementation.

 Monitoring & Review

Working with one of our expert Gold Coast financial planners is not a ‘set-and-forget’ process. As many things can change over time we believe in taking an active role in the ongoing management of your financial affairs.

Regular reviews are essential to ensuring your strategy and investments remain on track. We will deliver a range of services based on your requirements for an annual fee to assist you with the progression of your financial plan.

Fee for Service

BIS Cosgrove provides financial and investment advice on a fee for service basis. By this we mean we will charge a fee base on the complexity of work involved and the services to be provided. The scope of work and services are determined by client need and their life goals and objectives. Fees are quoted prior to the delivery of services.

It is important to us that our fees and the service you will receive from BIS are completely transparent and you are comfortable with the process.

Our authorised representatives under the BIS licence are:

Brian Cosgrove
Authorised Representative Number 244755

Renee Gamble
Authorised Representative Number 244846

Justin Doyle
Authorised Representative Number 295767

Darin Trounce
Authorised Representative Number 1236910

Scott Bruni
Authorised Representative Number 401779

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